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That same optimization has yet to be applied to passing in columns and values.columns = [:title, :description] # E.g.[ ['Book #1', 'Good book'], ['Book #2', 'Great Book'], ...] array_of_book_attrs = convert_csv_to_book_attributes Book.import columns, array_of_book_attrs, validate: false instances.The job that took several hours now took under two minutes.That library today is known as the activerecord-import and its available as a rubygem.Since we're not validating, we can go directly to generating performance SQL and skip a lot of Active Record hoopla.The above examples are the simplest ways to improve batch loading with activerecord-import.

This means that we send 100,000 separate statement to the database, the database has to parse 100,000 individual statements, open and close the table 100,000 times for writing, write the data, insert/update indexes 100,000 times, and possibly acquire/release 100,000 row-based locks.

I’d like to use the latest branch of development of redmine under bitnami, but it requires rails 2.1.0 (the very new version).

Can bitnami be somehow upgraded to rails 2.1.0 (without needing to wait for the next redmine bitnami stack)? (as “gem rails update”) or is it possible to download and overwrite some files?

The update method on the Image object accepts the keys and values from the submitted form data to update each Image model.

The rest of the code collects errors, and redirects the user back to the form action.


  1. Jun 28, 2016. Application frameworks often provide their own out of the box services for interacting with databases. This works great when processing data in a onesie-twosie fashion, but what about large batches of data? I ran into this problem over a decade ago with the not yet 1.0 Ruby on Rails framework. I had a lot of.

  2. Salesforcebulk 2.0.0. This gem is a simple interface to the Salesforce Bulk API providing full support for insert, update, upsert, delete, and query actions while allowing you to specify multiple batches per job to process data fast. Gem includes unit tests.

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