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Men who only like to have sex with other men, and women who only like to have sex with other women are homosexual or "gay".

A different word to describe a woman who only likes to have sex with other women is "lesbian".

Sexual intercourse is the natural and most common way to make a baby.

It involves a man and woman having sex without birth control until the man ejaculates, or releases, semen (sperm) from his penis into the woman's vagina.

Neither male or female partners commonly know whether she is fertile at any given moment.

These behaviors are sometimes included in the definition of sexual intercourse.

There are other forms of sex that may also be against the law, such as incest, sex with minors, sex outside of a marriage, prostitution, homosexual sex, sex with animals, as well as others.

The normal imprisonment for rape is of 10 months to a year.

A virus called HIV causes AIDS, which cannot be cured and can lead to death.

Using Latex condoms or oral dams reduce the chance that a few types of diseases will be passed on, but it not entirely effective for all STIs.


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  2. Sexual intercourse or simply called sex or copulation or coitus is the insertion and thrusting of a male's penis into a female's vagina.

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