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Single parent dating kaunakakai hawaii

He led her to a forest on Ka'ala mountain and slowly beat her to death and buried her under an ʻōhiʻa tree. 128-130), her cruel lover, a Waikiki chief, killed her three times; each time she was resuscitated by an owl god, beach area between the Royal Hawaiian and Halekūlani hotels, Waikīkī, noted for its fragrant līpoa seaweed; street, upper Mānoa, Honolulu. Both are named for an important Maui chief who ruled for 27 years on Maui beginning in 1766, and for nine years on Oʻahu from 1782 (RC 82). • to cut longitudinally, shave, plane, • rub or stroke, as in a massage, with gentle pressure of the open palm of the hand; press, • to run the fingers along the side of a poi bowl so as to remove the poi clinging to the side; • comb; to comb, • to scrape; scraper, as for olonā fiber. e., cut longitudinally; kahi i ka opu, kahe i ka omaka. NOTE.—The feeble sound of e and i so much resemble each other that both orthographies are used, i.e., kahe and kahi, to cut, though the latter is preferable. (sometimes following the numeral classifiers ʻa- and ʻe-, or hoʻo-); • some; someone, someone else, a certain (less common than kekahi); • also, besides, too, • fellow worker, wife, companion; A place; some definite place spoken of or understood; it does not admit of the definite article; often syn. Kahi kuai, a market place, or simply a market; ma kahi e aku, at another place; kahi kakakaka o ko'u kina, the beaten place of my offense; kahi hoano, a holy place; a sanctuary. name of a legendary tree and place in the uplands of Kauaʻi (FS 233), probably a var. Kamapuaʻa used the tree as a club with which he knocked away (kuehu) his foesʻ clubs from their hands, enabling him to kill them. In the story as told by Westervelt (Old Honolulu, pp. • to lie spread out, as an individual or a wide expanse of land or sea; • to sweep backward and forward, as great billows that do not break; • prone, spread out, flat; • summation of productive forces of land and sea. To finish; to dispose of before another is aware, as if a part of a family should eat up the food while part were absent; a e anai mai kahikalena ku i kapa— hai ka mea haku ole; pau loa, aohe mea koe. The general name of any foreign country; hai mai la oia i na 'lii i kona holo i kahiki, he told the chiefs of his sailing to a foreign country; hence, holokahiki means any Hawaiian who has been to a foreign land. Hill on the eastern rim of Kamalō gulch, south Molokaʻi, known as the Camel's Back (Stearns and Macdonald, 1947: Plate 2). crater near the head of Pālolo Valley, Honolulu, said to have been formed when Māui's hook fell there after dropping Pōhaku-o-Kauaʻi at Kaʻena Point (PH 104); perhaps named for Kaʻauhelemoa, the supernatural chicken of Pālolo that flew to Helumoa. The tone varied according, to the size of the tube. (UL 143–4), (Roberts 53) Barrèrre suggests (Barrère 19) that as the name for bamboo pipes seems to have originated with Emerson. rocks in the sea at Mahaiʻula; land section and fishpond, Keāhole qd., North Kona, Hawaiʻi, belonging to Kamehameha I and destroyed by Pele who wanted the aku fish there. lit.: frayed hull (canoes were dragged over the rocks at Mahaiʻula at low tide, fraying the keels; they were used in fishing for bonito).

The brink, border or edge of a thing; the exterior of the anus; the side. The other end was brought over the shoulders and passed twice around the waist. To be self-conceited; auhea la ka mea nui i kaena ai oukou ia oukou iho? island in Maui County, 11 miles long, 6 miles wide, with an area of 45 square miles. kahu hipa, kahu hoʻoponopono, kahu mālama, kahu waiwai, and ex., ʻanāʻanā. Oʻahu was believed to have consisted of two islands ruled by a brother and sister who locked fingers to pull the islands together. Above the hill lived Kūa-Pākaʻa, the punster and hero; he taught men to farm, build houses, and fish. Street, place, and way, Mānoa, Honolulu, probably named for Mt. bend in the coast west of South Point, Hawaiʻi; fishing is good here in calm weather; a pier built here some years ago against the advice of local Hawaiians was soon destroyed by the elements. bay and point east of Ka Lae, Hawaiʻi, a surfing area with tradewind and summer south swell. lit.: the wrinkle (seen from out at sea, the fissures in the rock suggest wrinkles). e., to resemble; to make like; to be mingled in with others; ua kaana ka iho (kapa) me ka hewa; ua kaana mai ka bipi hihiu maloko o ka bipi laka a laua, the wild cattle were mixed with the tame. The hill is said to be the site of the original school where the ancients learned hula dancing of every kind. To cause to be done; to be gone; ua kaa na peelua, the worms (peeluas) are done, i. land section, village, elementary school, point, and stream, Waikāne and Kahana qds., Oʻahu. Aole i oleloia ma na kaao kahiko o ko o nei poe kanaka, it is not spoken of in the ancient legends of this people. She quotes Andrews (who refers to (Laie)) as saying the name applied to coconut-tree drums. • hand net hanging on an ellipsoidal wooden frame with one end pointed, used for ʻōhua and other inshore fish; • to use this net or a skirt of a dress in this type of fishing; • to strain, as through a strainer. Swimming pool, Mānoa campus, University of Hawaiʻi, completed in 1964. She chased him down the mountain to the sea, where he managed to escape. Kahu umu, to bake in an oven; a contracted form is kahumu. • foundation, base, platform, as of a house; • site, location, ground, • background, • an open place, as for camping or for sports, as for ʻulu maika or hōlua sliding; playground, courtyard; course, camp; • arena, stand, stage, • bed, as of a stream. Kahuku Pali is a fault scarp 2.5 miles northwest of South Point; it has a maximum height of about 600 feet, extends inland about 10 miles, and can be traced out to sea 18 miles (Macdonald-Abbott 41). In Hawaiʻi, the seeds, known as pēkaʻa, are found on the beaches, and are used medicinally for their strong purgative effect and are also strung for leis. Duke was named for his father who was named by Bernice Pauahi Bishop to commemorate the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to Hawaiʻi. crater, and cinder and spatter cone on Kīlauea volcano's east rift zone, Kalapana qd., Hawaiʻi. (Chief Kahawali refused to race his sled with Pele, disguised as an old woman. land sections, Honomū qd.; ranch, Honuʻapo qd., Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi. Its sound varies somewhat from the English k, sound to that of the t, according as the enunciation is made at the end of the tongue or near the root. kāmalū, to do evil to another in secret; to forbid, warn in secret...); • to murder; murderous; murderer, dead shot. It is difficult to make Hawaiians perceive the difference between the English sounds of k and t. O ke koko ka (mea) i hana i kalahala, the blood the (thing) it makes atonement; that is, the thing which makes; o ka pono wale no ka i oi mamua o ka hewa, righteousness only is the thing (that which) excels wickedness. For [Ka hana ʻia ʻana o ka makau me ka ʻāpana iwi mai. Ka uhau ʻana iho me ka ikaika i kekahi mea e like me ke kā ʻana i ka hoe i loko o ke kai no ka hoe ʻana, ke kā ʻana i ke kaula lele i lele ʻia e nā kamaliʻi, a me ke kā ʻana i kekahi i ke kēhau o luna o nā meakanu i ke kapa i ke kakahiaka nui i paʻa ka wai i loko o ke kapa a ʻuī ʻia mai i wai inu.


  1. Only official editions of the Federal Register provide legal notice to the. Kailua Kona, Hawaii, HI; Kaunakakai, Molokai. M. turgescens into a single.

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