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Public (available to the general public over the Internet), private (within a corporate firewall), community (shared between organizations) and hybrid (a combination of the three).Braat said benefits of the cloud are that it is on demand; burstable, meaning a lot of it can be used; elastic, can use very little; and metered, so a business only pays for what it consumes.John Zanni, vice president of service provider marketing and alliances for Parallels, said he has seen huge opportunity and growth of small businesses consuming cloud services.“It’s less relevant what technology is being used, but more relevant if the services are using well-known brands,” Zanni said.“That way, you are comfortable that the technology is the latest, the best brand, the most efficient and most secure software.Helping to drive that were 6 million SMBs purchasing their first cloud service last year.

That gets rid of the technology advantage, and that’s a huge change.”Rather than thinking of the cloud — computing capability delivered over a network — as a type of technology (because there are at least three dozen categories of cloud computing), Braat recommends seeing it as a way of delivering consumer technology.

Because cloud is pay-as-you-go, owners may pay between and per user versus several thousands of dollars for servers and specialists to run them.

Another benefit is being able to reach out to employees and customers, collaborating in ways a company could not before, such as using a webpage and online chatting function to expand a company’s reach, he added.“We are in a deeply connected world today,” Zanni said.

Many small businesses typically don’t have an IT staff or technical expertise in-house, so folks making decisions don’t always know what questions to ask about their company’s tech infrastructure, Eric Diamond, CEO of Tribeca Cloud, a company that helps small businesses understand how to implement cloud services, said.“One of the biggest things we see is that they don’t define the requirements of their business needs,” he said. Do you want to save money, use a new application, access an enterprise-level app?

Then you have to do your research.”There are four deployment models of cloud.


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