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Each character was believable and all too human with very human failings.Each one was presented in such a way that I wanted to know more about them.I will forgive the teenager since she can't help being annoying.Instead you have an old washed out hag of a manager, a dishonest and beautiful employee, a stereotypical Mexican laundry woman, a cougar who has a hidden reason to be there, and the rest of the visitors are crazed ghost hunters.

demonic evil lurking in the remote hotel’s basement, just waiting to be awoken. The character in question simply didn't get enough space to annoy me, I think. Some of those things aren't revealed until much later in the book.The White Horse Inn has special significance to Digger, since he and his wife made a pact long ago to meet here if one dies before the other.He's hoping he's able to find his wife's spirit there, but he ends up finding more than he expected.a woman couldn't count on looks forever' don't help either. Overall, as a haunted hotel story with a couple of truly creepy moments, it was pretty entertaining, but don't expect any character depth. I love those books that keep me engaged so fully in the story that I can lose myself between the pages for hours and not even realize how much time has passed.That's exactly what I found with Speed Dating with the Dead.I thought that their flirtation was immensely believable.All of Nicholson's characters were true to life and I found the dialog to be engaging and entertaining.Comments like 'she’d aged a couple of decades since he’d last seen her, or maybe she’d taken off her make-up', 'Nothing was sadder than a woman fighting the losing battle with the time and growing desperate and scared as her feminine vanity fought the truth.', '..unfortunate woman whose make-up was think enough to make an undertaker proud.She was way too old to put Kool-Aid highlights in her hair.','... Now, I do not notice things like this every single time, but it was really hard not to see it here.or 5 minutes after writing this review :)If you like ghosts and demons and people getting killed every few seconds, you'll probably really enjoy this book.If you like in-depth characterization, consistent world-building, and plots that make sense..will probably really despise this book. I just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to think about the supernatural elements of the story - not least because the author and therefore the characters couldn't seem to make up their minds about wheth If you like ghosts and demons and people getting killed every few seconds, you'll probably really enjoy this book.


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