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Speed dating saint bar leamington spa 2way sex games

On the plus side, you WILL see everyone you know there, and technically, queues can be avoided by purchasing a queue jump from Moo Bar or the Duke in Leamington earlier that evening. Wednesday: POP: If you love the Spice Girls and want to bag yourself a hot sports player boyfriend/girlfriend/one night stand, I would strongly advise attending POP every week.Taking place at the Copper Rooms, POP involves classic nineties music (think Take That, the Backstreet Boys and S Club) a vast array of fancy dress and crowds of drunken sports players looking to get lucky.You download the app, create a profile, add some of your favorite pictures, and write a short bio.

Your first year of university will potentially be the best year of your life.

Tuesday: SMACK: On Tuesday nights students flock to Smack, Leamington’s other main club, for the appropriately named, ‘I love Smack on a Tuesday’.

A typical night at Smack usually entails impatiently queuing for around half an hour to get in, downing several £1 Vodbulls upon entry, dancing on a table upstairs to Katy B before foolishly deciding to queue again for the downstairs dance floor, only to get there and find yourself surrounded by sweaty crowds of testosterone filled boys.

The independence you gain from not living at home, the like-minded people you meet who become your best friends, not to mention the endless, hilarious, drunken nights out: all experiences that will stay with you forever.

Choice of venue is extremely important when going on your first few nights out at Warwick- both on and off campus.


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