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Thybunnidi has have 591 Public Schools and 791 Rivate schools on their country and now there have 30 Million students in Thybunnid.Numbers of Thybunnidi have learning about Thyban Language like Grammars, Verb, Adverb, Adjectives, so much more.Thybunnidi Climate has Dry Season but every in November-February there have the snow fall and their monsoon season.Thybunnidi has have possibly 10-15 Tropical Cyclones every year by the West Pacific Typhoon seasons where hitting mostly where came from the Philippines but their some other name the Typhoons in the Philippines.Communication has have the fast to doing Text Messages and E-Mail by using like Laptop, PC. Thybunnid has more Cellulars Phones and SMS are could make call and text messages faster and their forming to communication.Thybunnid has over 60,000 Cable Users and 40,000 Athena Users the cable has over 130 Channels (Including around in Mapperdonia especially Movies, Cartoons, Music, Movies, News, and more) and the Athena over 50 Channels including TBN and their News.

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Thybunnidi has the largest cities in this country is Shanghai next is Hong Kong and next is Changsha in Hunan and Guangdong in Guangdong.Thybunnid has over 2,000 Transportation ships in Thybunnid and also cargo that was founded by Hinjambi Humandae in 2000 and that could travel into some countries only Pacific Countries will only travel.Thybunnid has produce more electronics and robotics in Thybunnid and Largest Exporting Electronics is Japan and China by the Trade Investments and Expo.Thybunnid has first rocket in Thybunnid in 1995 has launched and there have 4 Cosmonauts and has travel into Space.Thybunnid has over 1,000 Internet cables and there possibly have fastest internet has than the country like Singapore, China, Korea and Japan.Thybunnid has over 600 Pandas here at Thybunnid their over an 20,000 Animal species are that Illegal to selling that where enforcing of R.A 1433 (Anti Selling of Species) from DOW (Department of Wildlifes).in 2002 Thybunnid has spread the Serve Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) are too dangerous where spread in China, Vietnam and some more.Also Thybunnid has more infected of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are that can cause of Unprotected Sex that many people where killed by virus.Thybunnid has the government used is presidential there are the president of Thybunnid- Kima Jinsane (2014-Present).Thybunnid Armed Forces Pro (TAFP) are the responsible security and their some branches of TAFP are in Fujian, Shanghai and Guangxi.


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  3. In Summer seasons there are some the people in Thybunnid the people has like sundating, swimming. and some a lot of activities this seasons was every March 15-May 28.

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