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Now I think Sheree looked fine before and she looks fine now, but there is most definitely a difference in her appearance!

There seem to be various ways that this interview came about, but regardless of how it happened, they reached a good group of folks who had a good interview, and, hopefully, one day we'll all get to see the segment.

A nightmare I recently had while taking cough syrup with codeine.) (!!!“They were living together, had an argument and she tried to have him arrested for battery. After unceremoniously ending her relationship Marlo moved her money to Atlanta where she paid cash for her luxury townhome, which was shown in an episode from two weeks ago. If you recall Marlo had quite the extensive security system set up and if any of the above allegations are true, it would make sense why! The pair remain good friends, however, with a Hollywood Reporter cover story in 2012 claiming that Turner still pines after her, even while he rotates four different girlfriends at once."Ted's still in love with her," said former CNN president Tom Johnson.Among the cray-cray accusations flying back and forth between two ladies of questionable means was the suggestion that Marlo has an 80-year-old white sugar daddy and that Sheree has quite the reputation as a shop’n swapper, aka Jill Zarin-ing the merchandise by wearing it with the tags on and then returning it!Well, that got the blogosphere’s ears perked up and several people started investigating just who Ms. The blog Diary Of A Hollywood Street King got the scoop on Marlo’s relationship status, and was told by a source they consider reliable that Marlo is allegedly the mistress to none other than mogul, Atlanta dweller, and CNN founder Ted Turner!You wait outside the theater so long that the tour bus leaves and then after talking with Ted, he leaves in a limo to do an interview with a radio station.out comes a cast member and you HAVE to give him a ride back to the hotel and you get lost (Give me the map babe, We love you Anthony!Your friend who knows how obsessed you are has to go to MD Anderson for Cancer Treatment in Houston (Bless her Heart!You have had dreams about JCS..perhaps nightmares like when you dream you are cast as Mary Madeleine and then when you ask the casting director who will starring as Jesus and your fingers are crossed hoping he will say Ted Neeley and he says.......Hail Mary Full of Grace I said 10 of them for that lie.


  1. It was rudimentary."It was too rudimentary, in fact, to be the center of such a vast property—350,000

  2. What will matter most about Ted Turner's life story when they roll the final credits?

  3. Plus Is Marlo Returning Used Goods To Luxury Stores? PHOTO. and CNN founder Ted Turner! Ted. “She was dating a drug dealer back in 95.

  4. Ted Turner’s Photo Safaris. by turnerenterprises Jan 29, 2016 News. Ted Turner’s Photo Safaris February/March 2016 By Stephanie Stephens He owns western.

  5. Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. Actress Jane Fonda married CNN founder Ted Turner net worth $2.3 billion in 1991, but the marriage was a fractured one, Fonda revealing.

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