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The Sixers tanked for four consecutive seasons following the 2012-13 campaign.

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“I believe we will.” The former Spurs assistant compared this to the out-of-town media that flooded San Antonio to cover the Spurs during the postseason. “On the flip side of it, maybe it’s going to be something they just learn how to better handle and manage.

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  1. Includes over 10,000 collections and billions of records from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland and other countries

  2. The team has struggled, but Brett Brown is not worried about the cameras being a distraction. "I think it's fantastic for our young guys," he says.

  3. Days of Thunder was many people's first exposure to the high-octane, left-turning world of NASCAR. The 1990 Tom Cruise vehicle reunited him with his Top.

  4. Home Sweet Home The Thunder looks to get its ninth win in 13 contests as the team returns home to face the Golden State Warriors for the fourth and

  5. Click the link below to see a selected list of the local community projects benefitted over the last four years. 2014-2017 Port Arthur Rotary Community Allocations.

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