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Updating cracked apps

We’ve tried to answer three important questions that people often ask us regarding updating cracked apps on Installous.Im not sure what your worried about as ifunbox is perfectly safe.I'll try that later and let you all know if that did the trick. When the i Phone powered back on it immediately prompted us for our i Tunes account information4. So can all of the other i Pads and i Phones in our house. If your apps aren't updating after i OS 8 and you have the WSJ app installed - un-install WSJ, then do a hard restart.Had this problem on my i Pad the day i OS 8 was released. Once I put that in it started downloading the apps but they got hung up again! Fixed it for me - found the solution on another forum.), you might face some issues while you try to update the apps.One of the most common issues we’ve heard of is the Installous invalid IPA error for which there are a few alternative workarounds and fixes you can try.I left it running all night last night and no luck as of yet. They just keep circling and never finishing the update. Logged in and out of the cloud and the app store, no luck. Signed out of App Store (Settings Finally solved the issue for my phone. Don't know if that affected anything, but here's what I did that worked: Signed out of i Tunes/App store on both devices Reset the i Phone Signed back into i Tunes store and then my apps started updating.

I have deleted the apps and reinstalled, I have completely shut down and started over. I have deleted the apps all together and then tried to pull them pack down from the app store, no luck.Tried everything, eventually had to resort to a full wipe and a restore from an i Cloud backup. The new WSJ app is full of bugs and there are reports all over the web of the app not working with i OS8...Hi, I also confirm this issue was resolved for me by deleting the the apps that were "stuck" being updated, and by deleting the WSJ app.So, if you have downloaded some apps outside the Mac App Store, you cannot just update them but also set automatic update for them. Now, you have to click on the app’s name in the menu bar at the top of your Mac screen. Also, make sure to download our i OS app on your i Phone and i Pad.Once I deleted the WSJ app, the previously deleted apps, re-downloaded themselves.I have not tried re-installing the WSJ app, it is super buggy.Despite being their notable absence from the App Store on mac OS, we all like to use them. But, not too many of us know that we can update a non-App Store app as well on Mac. Then I installed all applications again (purchased version), after that I've restored data from previously created backup.So i have the "latest" evasion jailbreak and it is as I expected, however..


  1. Hi, I wanna know how can we update the cracked apps on android the pirated paid apps installed from 3rd party sources ? The market does not have entry

  2. Updating cracked iPhone apps on Installous is actually easy. However, with iOS 6 jailbreaks and Installous 5 not yet supporting iOS 6 Update Installous 5.0.4 is now compatible with iOS 6, you might face some issues while you try to update the apps.

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