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There is a lake view so the first story has three large sliding doors and a wide chimney.

There is less than 6 linear feet of wall to insulate.

I typically focus my efforts to improve the energy efficiency of an attic on two main areas: sealing air leaks in the ceiling and increasing the amount of insulation.

For now I’m more content to build a few Ferrari’s a year than a thousand Toyota’s.

from the roof, the membrane makes the attic more attractive and dust-free for storage use, and it keeps the blown-in insulation from blocking the rafter bays.

While they can reduce peak attic temperatures by 10°F to 30°F, the barriers haven’t proved to be cost effective in all geographic regions, or in attics that are adequately insulated, that are air-sealed, and that have well-insulated, wrapped air-handling equipment and ductwork.

PEI-5.0 expands coverage of elections held worldwide during 2016.

We focus on several elections held in 2016 --including the UK and Iceland in Western Europe, the United States in the Americas, Australia and the Philippines in Asia Pacific, Russia and Lithuania in Central and Eastern Europe, Iran and Syria in the MENA region, and Gambia and Gabon in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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