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Validating a cashiers check

Often involved in processing credit or debit card transactions and validating checks.Following are examples of the tasks required for a cashier position.

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Does anyone know some sort of statute regarding this? They did nothing wrong, except perhaps annoy a good customer.Initials are much easier to fake/forge than a signature.So crossing out the phrase "For Deposit Only" and initialing is a means of subverting the intent of the intended payee.Receive and disburse money in establishments other than financial institutions.Usually involves use of electronic scanners, cash registers, or related equipment.The most common cashier’s check scam goes something like this: A "buyer" wants to purchase a product and will use a cashier’s check.For whatever reason, the buyer has a check issued for an amount of the purchase price.This is to protect you in case the check gets lost or stolen.If initials validated changing this directive, the protection the endorsement gives would no longer work. Personally, I would want the grocery store to respond that way.If Webster takes a check payable to him and indorses it "For deposit only, Webster", when he comes to the bank he can change his mind and get cash instead.On the other hand, if Webster indorses the check "For deposit only, Webster" and gives it to Ryan to take to the bank, Ryan does not have the authority to waive the indorsement.


  1. Oct 12, 2017 Validating ticket Watch this Topic. if someone could check this plz. No paper cards as we know them are getting issued by cashiers.

  2. My wife endorsed a small check "For Deposit Only". Then, she crossed the endorsement out, and initialed it. The grocery store refused the check, saying once it's endorsed for deposit only, the bank.

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