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Unfortunately Ask ANH has it's restrictions, so que the Prince and Princess walking into the sunset, the endless loves songs and reciting poetry together. Women are always different, difficult and a mystery to any man. Haven't heard in any culture, and country that that is a bad thing (unless the girl doesn't like you the same way at all, but hell, then you know, right?? If she really is a "fairly traditional Saigon woman" (whatever that means) she will have a fair idea about how she wishes to be "courted properly." She is outside her traditional environment, which probably muddies the waters a little. if she was from hanoi, she'd probably be secretly married already at 23. I'm hoping that by the time she's done with school, she'll open up a bit more.

) So go you to a nice place with just the two of you, a bit private, and carefully mention you like her more then just a little and go one from there. just be careful because if you win her, you cannot leave her ever. I know I put this in Saigon, but for whatever reason this is showing up in Hanoi, as well. That might take some time now that I think about it, considering she's an undergrad senior going for a Ph D.

But finding the perfect partner when you live in a tiny, remote village in the Vietnamese mountains is almost impossible. "I was a very lucky man to meet her in the market, but I think she was lucky to meet me too! In recent years, Sapa has become a hugely popular tourist destination, with foreign and Vietnamese visitors flocking to the picturesque town, famed for its terraced rice paddies and stunning scenery.

For generations, young people from the patchwork of ethnic minority groups in northern Vietnam have gone to the local town of Sapa on a Saturday night to find their future spouse. I wanted to see if I would meet any nice girls," traditional Hmong musician Giang A Vang, 50, said of his first visit to the love market three decades ago. "When I saw her for the first time I was playing my violin. The pair soon married and have been together ever since.

In the countryside, a true love does not necessarily lead to marriage owing to family pressure.

In exchange for a safe and secure life, the concept of love of many Vietnamese women have changed from romantic feelings to sense of security, although there is no guarantee that a family is stable without true love.

Therefore, couples in Vietnam have been expected to have a platonic love before they officially get married.

Most Vietnamese parents prevent their children from having a boyfriend or girlfriend when they are in their late teens because they want their children to concentrate on their study.

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For the next few weeks, he came back to the market to meet his sweetheart Vang Thi Xo and play music together as part of a Hmong courtship ritual -- him on a traditional violin and she playing a leaf.The pair -- who had seen each other in their village but never spoken -- spent the evening at the love market chatting and enjoying the live music -- now amplified and on a stage purpose-built by local authorities for tourism. I'm an American Asian (23) and I met a Saigon woman the same age as I 2.5 years ago.Basically, Vietnamese do not rush into relationships and what's known as the Friendzone in the West is actually not a bad thing in the East.We've hung out alone a few times and she seems to enjoy it; school on her end makes it hard to see each other frequently.Until now, Vietnamese people‘s outlook on sex has not changed much yet, due to the strong influence of feudalism.In Vietnam, sex is considered as a taboo subject and having pre-marital sex is unacceptable according to the social convention.It seems that at least with people in the city men and women they will wait until they are ready for marriage.Meaning they have attained the education or appropriate income level."The love market is very special for me as it was how I could meet a good husband like him," she said."Now I don't like it, as people are playing music just for fun, for the tourists to get money, and we are losing part of our culture." From leaves to phones As more young people attend schools or work in Sapa for tourism they do not really need the love market or arranged marriages, which were also once traditional in the area, said musician Vang.


  1. In Vietnam, dating can be complicated. It involves not only the difficult issues of romance, sex and gender, but also family, class and social status; in addition, the approval and support of others play a larger role than it typically does in America. Vietnamese culture has a well-developed system of morals and.

  2. Jun 24, 2013. I'm an American Asian 23 and I met a Saigon woman the same age as I 2.5 years ago. She moved here about three years ago to attend Uni. Since the time I've met her, I found that I've developed feelings for her and scoured the internet to learn about Vietnamese culture regarding dating, love, etc.

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