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The fear of unions can be crazy there, as has been stated in past stories.I was once talking about a family reunion I had attended and one manager went into full sprint up to me and demanded to know why I had said the word "Union".The only problem is that the stories in your article ARE the real Walmart. I hadn't eaten in two days, and I asked for help, crying in her office.The saddest thing is that many of us won't even disagree with the site, because we're all afraid to get fired... For the first two years I kept a pretty good attitude, despite my divorce, deteriorating conditions at work, and actually ending up homeless. She told me she would get me a gift card by the end of the day.

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Walmart is where the poor go to work until they die.""I worked at Wal-Mart for about 2 years right out of high school.Thing is, if you didn't know he worked in Electronics nobody would blame you.He'd get to work and they would just go to the smoke room for the entire day.I've worked a lot of retail and anywhere you work you will find favoritism but I never saw it worse than at Wal*Mart.One of the store managers was in a (not-so) secret relationship with a guy who worked in Electronics with us.Do you think I've ever gotten that card And I know, I've seen the comments of people who are better off and sitting in their cozy houses with their nice cars and their biggest monetary concern being funding their next trip to Disney, or getting courtside seats: "How dare evil Walmart force people to apply and work there", or "Get an education, and you won't have to work there". I actually work two jobs to try to support my husband and I, and I am ALSO in school, trying to get another degree so that I can maybe find a job somewhere other than Walmart, y yo hablo espanol...It is so easy for you, as a customer, to look at our weary, broken faces and see that we've given up.When I went to find her the end of my shift, she'd already left.When I asked about it the next day, she said she'd given it to "A shift manager" to give to me, and she'd have to get onto that manager for not getting it to me. I have a BA in Education, but since the Education system is going the way of the Dodo, it's impossible to get a job.I knew nothing about fish care, and I made that clear when they gave me the job.I didn't know you couldn't just toss a new fish into the bowl (it would get shock and die, you have to put the bag the fish comes in into the water to slowly change the temperature, but never dump that water into the new water when you're done)...


  1. As a Walmart cashier, you must count your register drawer at the beginning of your shift, under the supervision of a manager. You then reconcile your drawer at the end of your shift by subtracting your beginning register balance from the total amount collected in cash, checks and credit cards.

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