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You can use s3_website to create that, or you can do it manually.

The following is a quick step-by-step guide to do the very basic steps to get the bucket live.

At this point you can access your site at although there will be no content.

You could choose to upload some content, but as we’re going to be using s3_website for this we’ll carry on.

When the certificate is approved it’ll be available in Certificate Manager and you’ll be able to use it in Cloud Front.

Cloud Front Distribution When you publish your Cloud Front setup it’ll take a while to distribute.

Your DNS should be set as a CNAME to point at the Domain Name item after you created the Cloud Front config.

At a high level, the new development and deployment process looks like this: With the following steps, I’m going to assume you have command line experience and some knowledge of AWS services and how it works, but, will include guides elsewhere or commands you can use to carry out the tasks.Permissions on S3 buckets are something to which you need to pay close attention.In this case we’re not going to be storing any confidential data so we can open up the permissions to allow general public read access.We set up a specific build user in IAM with command line access and a policy to allow it to do everything it needed to and to keep it isolated from all our other IAM policies and users.How you set up access to your S3 bucket and Cloud Front is up to you.We wanted builds to be made for all branches to ensure Jekyll completed, but only deployed if the branch was master.We selected Git Hub to host the Jekyll files, Travis CI to push the built site to S3 and finally Cloud Front on top with an SSL certificate.SSL Certificate For our SSL certificate we used a free AWS certificate issued via Certificate Manager.You’ll need this set up prior to going to Cloud Front or you’ll need whatever certificate/key you are going to be using for your site.Choosing Travis CI to do the build and deploy was something that’s familiar to our team already and utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives us great flexibility.Following great recent successes of moving ~4TB of assets to S3 from on-disk storage for the White Label Dating application and using Route 53 to enhance our DNS resilience, AWS was the perfect choice.


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