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Whitelabeldating cname

We wanted to make sure we could continue to allow all staff to write new posts easily, along with using the latest tools to help us meet our goals.

We chose to look at an option that allowed us to have automated builds and publishing, along with redundant storage and CDN-backed delivery.

The site needed to be fully SSL so we started to look at options.

Git Hub Pages can run fully SSL under the domain, but we wanted to retain our custom domain.

It’s arguably quite a bit more simple using the web GUI so I’ll use a couple of screenshots to illustrate what we’re doing on the command line.

Choosing Travis CI to do the build and deploy was something that’s familiar to our team already and utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives us great flexibility.

Following great recent successes of moving ~4TB of assets to S3 from on-disk storage for the White Label Dating application and using Route 53 to enhance our DNS resilience, AWS was the perfect choice.

We wanted builds to be made for all branches to ensure Jekyll completed, but only deployed if the branch was master.

We selected Git Hub to host the Jekyll files, Travis CI to push the built site to S3 and finally Cloud Front on top with an SSL certificate.


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  4. Special set up for White Label Dating Partners. Create a Stunning Landing Page; Create a Header Design for Portal Pages; Create a Header Design for Portal Email Pages; Landing Page Coding including Facebook Login and Analytics; Portal Set up and Submit For Approval; Hosting Supplied and Set Up; CName Set up.

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