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What advice would you give to these peeve-causing culprits?

For you online daters who struggle with writing, especially writing about yourself, have you ever written in your profile something like the following?

I am no dating guru, no psychologist, no SEO trickster, no player with the inside scoop on the male brain.

I am simply a writer with a passion to help you on your dating path.

That’s a profile that bums me out—maybe that’s me since I’m a word nerd, and since I actually do read dating profiles.

And don’t get me wrong: If there’s an “I just started this profile and I’ll be back to add more” caveat, I can dig it.


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  5. Writemydatingprofile com. 304 Comment. Jeg prøvede at undertrykke nogle halvkvalteprotester. continue reading

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