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Vi benytter informasjonskapsler (cookies) for å gi deg en best mulig brukeropplevelse.Ved å lukke denne meldingen, samtykker du i vårt bruk av informasjonskapsler.Second, to help engage the major public and private United States research universities in this crucial effort, we need to connect to interested leaders from the major institutions that represent them.Such a high-level meeting with members of the American Association of Universities is already scheduled, and one university president has recently published a thoughtful essay on threats to young investigators (3).

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This feature of our system has drawn many of our most able young people to scientific careers, while simultaneously attracting outstanding young people to the United States from around the world.Oppfordrer flere til kjpe sesongkort Vlerenga Damer A mot Lyn sitt damelag p Intility, er en kamp jeg nsker f med meg i r...Oppfordrer flere til kjpe sesongkort I flge gr kampen 1 Juli.Bilkonsernet RSA møter i dag NAF for en viktig prinsippavgjørelse i Høyesterett.Last spring, the four of us published an essay in PNAS in which we described the severe problems now faced by scientists working in the US biomedical research system, recommending several steps that might be taken to improve the situation (1).An admirable model is a very large October 2014 workshop that was organized in Boston by postdoctoral trainees whose conclusions were published in a thoughtful 17-page summary (2).We are also aware of several university-based efforts in 2015, including major upcoming efforts at the University of Wisconsin, Duke University, and the University of Michigan (see, for example, https://edu/biomedworkforce).Many participants were aware that the average age of first-time recipients of an NIH research grant is now about 42.However, most were surprised to learn that the percentage of NIH grant-holders with independent R01 funding who are under the age of 36 has fallen sixfold (from 18% to about 3%) over the past three decades (Fig. The potential consequences of this huge demographic shift on the productivity and preeminence of American science were judged to be serious.Many attendees commented on the continued need to advocate for increased federal funding of research, in light of the substantial decline in spending power since the doubling of the NIH budget between 19.However, it was recognized that increased funding would not solve the underlying structural problems, and that major increases in funding were not likely in the near- to mid-future.


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